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Binaural Beats: Advanced Meditation

Unleash the power of Sonic Healing and change your life forever at the push of a button!

Entrainment Earth is a scientifically based Brainwave Entrainment program that will induce relaxation, aid you in conquering past grievances and help you live in the “Now”. Guaranteed!

So just how can Entrainment Earth help you in your quest for improving your life? Simple. You listen to our Binaural Beats and it will alter you brainwave state to a favorable frequency that has been scientifically documented to produce relaxation, absolution from the past and promote less fear for the future.

“But I just have to listen and that’s it? I don’t have to do anything?”

All you have to do is close the door, press play and let the audio do the work. Our program takes care of everything else. In just 20 minutes a day you could be on your way to profound states of relaxation and inner self exploration that you may have never thought possible.

“It sounds so unbelievable and complex, but it really is simple and effective.” -B.M., Pennsylvania

“I thought it was a shot in the dark. It’s like someone flipped on the lights.” -J.W., Florida

“It’s as easy as they said it was. Find a quiet spot, listen and just feel better. Could they make my entertainment system like that?” -M.V., California

To show you just how simple it really is, let’s take a look at how Brainwave Entrainment works. It is based off of the brain’s ability to oscillate at the same frequency as an outside stimulus. This is known as F.F.R. or Frequency Following Response. One simply wears headphones (BiNaural Beats) and one frequency plays in one ear and a different frequency in the other. Your brain then fuses the two frequencies and operates on the difference between the two frequencies.


Let’s take a look at an example. If you have 220hz in one ear and 230hz in the second ear, then your brain will operate on the difference and will oscillate at 10hz. How did we get 10hz? Simple. 230hz-220hz=10hz. 10hz is right in the middle of the Alpha Brainwave range. Thus, your brain operates at 10hz and the listener benefits from the effects of the Alpha state.

“Alpha Brainwave states?”


Your brain operates at frequencies just like a radio (Of course it’s more complicated than a radio, but you get the picture). If you learn how to turn the dial of your brain, you can learn how to tune into a brain radio station that will give you the benefits associated with that state. If you listen to that station on a consistent basis, you will train your brain to tune into that frequency at will. Thus, Brain Entrainment.


Let’s take a closer look at these brainwave states:

The 4 main ones we are going to talk about are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Scientists and Psychologists have studied the effects of BiNaural technology for decades and what they have concluded is simply astounding.

For starters, most of us spend the majority of our time in the Beta state. Within this state, one is able to think quickly and harness razor sharp focus. It’s the state we need to be in to survive our days and remain productive if held to deadlines. The problem is though that when one spends too much time in this phase we develop symptoms of anxiety and  Fight or Flight responses that just don’t turn off. This in turn leads us to physical manifestations of stress induced poor health. We start to gain weight, our immune systems are lowered and we have absolutely no energy.

What’s worse is that some people live their entire lives in this state and drive themselves into early graves and are possibly more at risk for emotional instability if proper measures aren’t taken to help them operate in more relaxed states on a consistent basis. Though functioning in the Beta phase is necessary for our everyday lives, being able to turn off this phase of brainwave activity and take a step down will do wonders for one’s mental outlook.

As we leave the Beta phase and pass to the level below it we enter into the Alpha Phase. This is the first stage of relaxation and of letting go. This state has been equated to increased learning abilities, enhanced creative aptitude and more effective self expression. While in the Alpha phase one is relaxed, but still very alert and mentally acute. There are those that believe that children learn and adapt so quickly because they naturally operate at the Alpha phase while growing.

After we leave the Alpha state, we then descend into the Theta phase. Theta is the natural bridge between sleep and being awake. It is the predominate state for dreams and acts as a direct conduit to the sub conscious. Spending adequate time in this state is believed to enhance long term memory, boost the immune system and supports more effective problem solving.

Last but certainly not the least important is the Delta phase. This state is equated with dreamless sleep and natural bodily repair. Within this state your body releases natural hormones and healing enzymes that allow your body to undue the damage from the day. With most people in the industrialized world being stress obsessed, just how much sleep are they getting in this state while tossing and turning worrying about the day that has past or the one that is to come? Chances are, if you are one of these individuals, then our system could possibly have profound effects on one’s mental clarity and deep slumber if used as directed.

As you can see, being able to operate in any one of these states at will can give you immense control over areas of your life you may have previously thought “Out of Reach”.

“What’s in your product?”

You are getting 6 hours of Brainwave Entrainment plus 2 extra hours of our Let Go audio tracks for decompressing after the day.

Upon purchase, you will have instant download access to:

  1. The Core System 6 hours total (Isochronic Tones & Binaural Beats)

  2. 2 extra hours of our “Let  Go” bonus tracks perfect for winding down after the day. (Press play once and you get an entire hour that takes you through all 3 major brain phases for superb, effortless relaxation.)

  3. A complete user guide designed to explain the best practices one should use to receive the optimum effect.

“So how much is this going to cost me?”

Totaling 8 hours of premium content, we could easily charge $100. But like we stated earlier,

“We want to offer effective products at affordable prices.”

So we settled at only: $9.95 (Total 8 hours. That’s a little over $1 dollar per hour!)

We thought that was a fair price for so much content. For a one time investment, you will be changing your life for as long as you use our product. Remember, we have a money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose.

“How do I do this? I want to start now!”

Step one: Buy

Step two: Download

Step three: Listen

You will receive a complete guide with detailed instructions on how to get started.

“If you can load files into an MP3 player, then you can use our system. If you can double click on MP3′s on your computer, then you can use our system.”

In fact, we believe in our product so much that we have a full 60 day Money Back Policy if you feel like our product did not work for you.

That means there is no risk. If you are curious about the power of sonic healing there is absolutely nothing to lose except for your stress.

Let’s recap what the major benefits are for Brainwave Entrainment:

  • Stop excess mental chatter

  • Enhanced sleep and elimination of tossing and turning

  • Reduce / Resolve anxiety and all of its symptoms

  • Richer and more profound meditation sessions

  • Ability to accept more easily the concept of being in the moment and living in the “Now” factor

  • Boost your body’s natural hormones Serotonin and DHEA

  • Assist in changing bad habits

  • Reduce Cortisol production

  • Enhance your state of consciousness and self awareness

  • Create effortless peace and self acceptance

  • Assistance in body pH balance

  • Increase learning ability (Great for students attending school)

  • Enhanced cross brain synchronization

  • Increase ability to deal with stressful situations as they arise

  • Resolve past grievances

  • Enhance the effects of a recovery system for drugs, alcohol or other disorders

If you could use any of the benefits above, then order today and start improving the most valuable possession you will ever own. Yourself!

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